About Rope Skipping in Australia


Skipping Australia had its origin in 1984 when Lorraine Bannerman formed a Heart Foundation Demonstration Team at the Kurrajong, NSW school where she was a teacher. Known as the Aussie Ropers, the team traveled overseas gaining places in international events in the United States.

The first World Rope Skipping Championships were held in Sydney, N.S.W. in 1997 with one Australian Team competing. Since that time, many clubs have been established, with Cleveland Air Magic from Cleveland, Queensland now having skippers who are world ranked. This team has travelled extensively overseas to Canada, the United States, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Korea, winning medals in all competitions. In 2004, the World Rope Skipping Championships were again held in Australia, this time on the Gold Coast Queensland and this time, 8 Australian teams competed with wins in the 12 to 14 Mixed and Girls Teams events, and wins and placings in the 12 to 14 individual masters events.


Australia in the World of Rope Skipping

Australia is one of almost 40 countries who actively participate in the sport of rope skipping. The world governing body is known as the International Rope Skipping Federation (IRSF) and being based in Montreal Canada, is also know by its French name of the Federation Internationale de Saut a la Corde (FISAC). Check out the FISAC website.


Olympic Rope Skipping

In line with the Olympic movement, FISAC has 5 continental areas ERSO (European Rope Skipping Organisation, ORSA (Oceania Rope Skipping Association), ARSA (African Rope Skipping Association), ARSF (Asian Rope Skipping Federation) and PARSF (Pan American Rope Skipping Federation).